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Project Description

Hire One of our Talented Corporate Comedians for your Next Event

Do not miss out on the huge benefits of stand up comedy for your event. Discover how to keep your audience listening, laughing and loving every minute of your event with these clever comedy hacks.

Professional Corporate Comedians

Our Corporate Comedians are always briefed thoroughly in accordance with your needs. In the event that your audience is sensitive, we make sure that their sets are tasteful and that they will not offend anyone by dropping the “F-bomb” and by steering clear from offensive toppics and comments. Our comedians are specialists in their field and will add a splash of talent and flair in reaching your audience.

No matter what your age, gender, or social background requirements are, we have the perfect comedian to fit your audience who will leave with a six pack from laughing.

For an unforgettable night, make sure you get in with our phenomenal gut busting entertainers!

Why Chose a Comedy show?

A Comedy show appeals across the board. It entertains a diverse audience, leaving less of a chance that any of your guests will feel left out as is the case with some other types of entertainment such as Karaoke, DJ or music nights which only targets a specific personality type. The type of person attracted to a comedy show, is generally somebody looking for a friendly fun night out – comedy does not attract the “trouble-making” element found at other entertainment nights that have live bands, Karaoke, rugby crowds etc.

Our service goes beyond just the hiring of Corporate Comedians – the success of your night is important to us, and to ensure its success we help and advise on all aspects of the show; the set-up, the equipment needed, the promotion thereof, the organisation of the night, all of which will ensure your night is the best it can be.

Whatever your venue, we can supply comedians for your show, ensuring that you have the best night ever!


Our Corporate Comedians

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