Event Decor Offerings

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Project Description

Enhance your Next Function with our Extensive Event Decor Offerings!

Custom designed Event Decor unique to your requirements ensuring your experience is the talk of the town!

Our Event Decor offerings will transform your ideas and imagination into reality, from start to finish, working together to create a stunning venue for a memorable occasion and magical experience.

Venue Draping & Fairy Lights

  • Material Draping

  • Corporate Cover ups

  • Fairy lights

  • Naked bulbs

  • ABS Gloss Flooring

  • Marque letters

Venue Decor & Furniture

  • Indoor and outdoor decor as well as event Equipment

  • From imagination to reality, from ideas to innovation, start to finish, set up to breakdown.

  • We supply and set up stylish décor and furniture for your event small to large.

Transform an average room into an exquisite & elegant venue

Ceiling Drapes for Corporate Cover ups

If you are about to book a venue which seems to suit your needs but the roof is poorly maintained, too high or has ceiling fixtures you would rather not see.

A ceiling drape can transform a venue from dull and uninviting to a warmer and intimate atmosphere or bring the perceived ceiling height down to a more comfortable level and can assist in working your theme in.

The use of Specialty Draping has become an increasingly popular part of event decor in recent years. It can soften a venue or space, create focal points, create a partition between areas, hide unattractive areas, and can completely transform your banquet facility. Having provided countless venues with draping.

Points to consider before booking your venue:

  • Where is all the material going to be hung from?  Some venues have nowhere to anchor the material drapes. When you are looking at a venue ask your wedding decorator if they have hung a ceiling drape before in that venue or if it’s possible to do so.

  • How much time has your venue decorator got to do the job? Some venues will only allow you a couple of hours before the time of the reception to get in and decorate the whole venue to your liking. A ceiling drape depending on the detail can be quite a few hours job in itself. Make sure that before you book your venue you tell them you want to drape the ceiling in material and lighting and ask when the decorator can come in to do this.

Transform your next event venue into something magical! 

Ensure your event is both memorable and visually unique, Jozi Eventz has a solution for you!

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